WEPCO, Inc. announces the SmartRoller™ Embedded RFID Reader, an integrated antenna and RFID reader mounted within a conveyor roller.

The SmartRoller RFID reader solves the materials handling industry’s need for a plug-and-play RFID reader in a roller. It is simple, clean, and easy to maintain and replace. Chris Paulsen, WEPCO CEO says, “We saw people having to develop custom bracketry and modify conveyor equipment. So we designed the SmartRoller. Now you just pop out one roller and pop in our reader. It’s a seamless integration.”

Here is how it works: an integrated antenna and RFID reader are mounted to the core inside a roller tube. Roller bearing end caps and spring-loaded hex shaft mounting pegs allow users to seamlessly replace one roller with the SmartRoller. The antenna and controller constantly communicate with at least one transponder moving along the interrogation path, sending a consistent stream of data.

The SmartRoller RFID reader will solve packaging problems for any materials handling operations utilizing the RFID tracking process in their conveyor system.

WEPCO and RFID Inc., the worldwide leader in RFID, are working together to manufacture and market the SmartRoller. A patent is pending. For more information, call WEPCO at 570-655-5951 or read more on the WEPCO website. WEPCO, Inc. has nearly 40 years of experience with a full range of engineered solutions for high throughput, mission-critical material handling projects. From their headquarters in northeastern Pennsylvania, WEPCO serves customers nationally.