WEPCO, Inc. announces the BigFoot™ portable crane base, designed to safely anchor cranes, vacuum lifters, robotics, and similar floor-mounted devices.

BigFoot solves the material handling industry’s need for a portable base that is truly easy to move with a forklift or pallet jack. Virtually any floor-mounted device that makes human-scale lifting or repetitive motions easier can be mounted to it. Instead of floor-bolted anchors and concrete footings, BigFoot is easily moved to where it is most needed. Instead of clunky, structural steel plates, BigFoot portable base is ergonomically designed and rounded with a beveled edge to work well in tight situations. “BigFoot is the ideal solution where both stability and portability are crucial – and no more skinned shins,” says WEPCO CEO Chris Paulsen.

BigFoot portable base is durably cast in safety-yellow polymer concrete. It will not chip, flake or absorb moisture and comes with a lifetime guarantee. Weighing in at 2000 lbs., it has a relative capacity of up to 150 lbs. on a 10-foot arm. It is topped by a standard mounting interface which most devices can easily attach to. An adapter or custom-mount is available. Eight heavy-duty articulating leveling jacks make the base stable and easily moved by pallet jack or forklift.

Device manufacturers and equipment distributors can pair BigFoot with OEM components such as jib cranes, vacuum lifters, light-duty robots and manipulator arms to free them up for new applications and configurations. Manufacturing and distribution facility managers can attach lifting or robotic devices to the BigFoot portable base to reconfigure floor space more easily, more often. Systems integrators can use BigFoot to build more flexibility and efficiency into their designs. Since it costs less than a permanent-bolted base, it is economical to specify.

WEPCO is marketing the BigFoot portable base to device manufacturers, equipment distributors, facility managers and systems integrators. Read more on the WEPCO website or call 570-655-5951.

WEPCO, Inc. has nearly 40 years of experience with a full range of engineered solutions for high throughput, mission-critical material handling projects. From their headquarters in northeastern Pennsylvania, WEPCO serves customers nationally.