Your facility produces massive amounts of data, nonstop. You suspect that clues to increased productivity are hiding inside all those numbers. But where? Business insights can be elusive. According to a recent IBM study, over half of business leaders feel like they need better information to do their job well.

Data everywhere

As a business manager, your job isn’t to manipulate the nonstop strings of data, it’s to ask the right questions, delegate the analysis, review the findings. Making smart decisions based on analysis often reveals a strategic advantage. So analyzing data is a task for a specialist. But there’s not always a specialist in material-handling data analysis in the house. And not all specialists can give you equal insights.

Data + experience = strategic advantage

An experienced systems integrator can help. We routinely help clients mine data for clues to their operation’s potential. This knowledge of what is possible isn’t only hidden within your data—it comes from experience with decades of projects across a range of industries. From walking around your facility with you, hearing your stories and frustrations. Listening while you talk to your workers. Sometimes increased productivity comes from simple solutions like rearranging your stock, or using off-the-shelf products in innovative ways. Other times, reworking the whole line or adding robotics might be the ticket.

The beauty of combining your vision with good data analysis and broad material handling experience is this: those are exactly the cross hairs that produce innovation. And innovation produces strategic advantages.

The takeaway? Before you start a statistical analysis of your data, make sure your analyst can both interpret the data and offer profitable ideas from the findings.