BigFoot™ portable base turns portability into profitability
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Manufacturing / Distribution Facility Managers

Attach lifting or robotic devices to BigFoot and you can reconfigure your space more easily, more often.

Systems Integrators

Build more flexibility and efficiency into your systems by specifying BigFoot portable bases.

Device Manufacturers and Equipment Distributors

Pairing your OEM components with BigFoot frees them up for new applications and configurations.

• jib cranes • vacuum lifters • light-duty robots
• manipulator arms


How it works

Over —
BigFoot is topped by a standard mounting interface — most devices can easily attach to it. If your bolt pattern doesn't fit, we'll make an adapter. For manufacturers wishing to custom-mount their product, the BigFoot mold can be made to suit.
Under —
Underneath BigFoot are eight heavy-duty leveling jacks. Raise them to easily move BigFoot via pallet jack or forklift.
Around —
BigFoot's shape is key to its stability. Low to the ground and ergonomically rounded, its attractive beveled edge works well in tight situations.
Through —
BigFoot's safety-yellow durable polymer concrete will not chip, flake or absorb moisture.
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Stable | Portable | Versatile

BigFoot's stable design safely anchors your crane, vacuum lifter, or robotics. It is easily moved with a pallet jack or forklift. Virtually any floor-mounted device that makes human-scale lifting or repetitive motions easier can be mounted to it.

With the BigFoot portable base, you no longer have to penetrate the floor with anchors, or tear it up to pour a concrete footing to reconfigure your space. And it costs less than a permanent, bolted base.


The conventional way to move a crane is to unbolt it from the floor, fill the holes, and re-bolt it in its new location. If it requires a new footing, the floor must be torn up and concrete poured.

Typical 'portable' bases are clunky, structurals steel plates that are a pain to move and even harder to work around. They are best known for skinned shins and a collecting place for soft-drink cups.

In contrast, BigFoot is nicely rounded with a beveled edge, bringing an elegance of design to both form and function. A pallet jack or forklift can easily lift, move, and reposition it to its new location.

Field Tested

The BigFoot portable base is currently increasing efficiency in installations from airports to warehouses around the country. For over forty years, new ideas like BigFoot have been the trademark strength of WEPCO CEO Chris Paulsen, president Sam Arfanella and their team. WEPCO technical expertise includes the application of conveyor systems, overhead cranes and hoists, ergonomic lifts, automated storage and retrieval systems, and robotics. "We always welcome something new," says Paulsen.

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