Case Study: Automated Pharmacy Fulfillment

The Overview
The automated pharmacy fulfillment facility in Fort Worth, Texas is 35,100 total sq.ft. including a production and warehouse area of 29,000 sq.ft. LogoThe Particulars
SI/Baker, Inc. (McKesson) automated prescription fulfillment processing line.

  • Command Center (2 work stations, multiple servers, dispenser controller)
  • 180 fully automated dispensing locations (Baker cells)
  • 600 semi-automated dispensing cassette locations (Baler cassettes) — 6 dispensing work stations
  • Unit of Use dispensing stations — 5 with multiple/expandable product locations
  • Manual pick dispensing stations — 5 each with scale and multiple/expandable product locations
  • 7 Pharmacist verification stations
  • 2 Vial cappers with heat sealers
  • 16 Packing stations: 11 multi-lane, 4 single Rx, 1 bulk with refrigerated cooler — each station has a scale and Zebra printer
  • 2 Shipping/manifesting stations — each has a scale and Zebra printer

Belt Conveyor to transport packed orders to the sortation unit.

Diamond Phoenix 600 2-pod sortation system — 2 sortation pods with 300 locations each accommodating 16.14.8.boxes — locations are configurable.

The throughput stated by McKesson for the production line described above is 15,000 prescriptions per 8-hour shift. However, since that implies complete volume load balance, zero stock-outs and zero system issues, a conservative estimate would be 12,000 scripts per shift.

Over 3.5 years averaged a volume of 4,000 scripts with a one shift operation with a high volume shift of 8,232 scripts.

Bottles with Pills

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An integrated solution for automated pharmacy distribution

"Automated prescription fulfillment is faster, more efficient, and more accurate. Effective application and integration of related technologies yields strong results."

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