Case Study: Online Footwear Retailer

Online Footwear Retailer

The CLIENT:, a major e-commerce retailer of footwear, apparel and accessories

The CHALLENGE: Zappos needed a way to control the costs associated with filling tens of thousands of orders per day in a direct-to-consumer environment.

The SOLUTION: WEPCO, Inc. and Diamond Phoenix designed and integrated an order fulfillment system that includes the largest horizontal carousel system ever built, measured in cubic feet of storage space.


  • Reduced cost per unit shipped
  • Reduced cost/cubic foot of storage
  • Productivity increase
  • Ability to react in an efficient manner to dramatically increasing volumes

The NUMBERS: 120 carousels x 6,300 cubic feet each = 756,000 cubic feet of storage

The INNOVATIONS: A series of major innovations across all elements of the carousel system mechanics, controls and software

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Largest Horizontal Carousel System Ever Built!

"We believe the innovations developed for this application set the stage for implementing carousel technology, easily and cost effectively, in a variety of new industries, including apparel and footwear. The cost per cubic foot of storage has been reduced by up to 40%, allowing productivity increases to significantly improve ROI for our clients."

Tom Coyne, CEO of Diamond Phoenix

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