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WEPCO Employee Michael Tedford Completes Hytrol Sales School

Michael Tedford, Associate Sales Engineer, completed Hytrol’s rigorous Sales School in Jonesboro, Arkansas in May, 2016 (second row, second from left in the picture). He spent three intensive days in sales training, learning the operation and manufacturing of many different types of conveyors. Michael attended the school as part of WEPCO’s ongoing program to train staff […]

Press Release: WEPCO, Inc. Announces Appointment of Larry Strayhorn as President

WEPCO, Inc., A leading Material Handling Systems Integrator, today announces that Larry Strayhorn has been appointed President of the company, effective immediately. Strayhorn will be assuming the ownership interest of Sam Arfanella, who has been named VP of Engineering. Strayhorn, known for his leadership and integrity, is based out of the material-handling rich area of […]

Press Release: SmartLifter for Pails: Popular Vacuum Lifter Now Lifts Pails from Side Safely, Easily

WEPCO, Inc. announces the new SmartLifter™ for Pails automated vacuum lifter. The tool that revolutionized carton lifting is now available to grip, balance, and stack heavy pails from the side with fingertip pressure. Palletizing or de-palletizing 5-gallon pails that can weigh up to 50 lbs. has always been a back breaker. Traditional vacuum lifters that […]