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Press Release: SmartRoller™ RFID Antenna Simplifies RFID Reading in Conveyor Systems

WEPCO, Inc. announces the SmartRoller™ Embedded RFID Reader, an integrated antenna and RFID reader mounted within a conveyor roller. The SmartRoller RFID reader solves the materials handling industry’s need for a plug-and-play RFID reader in a roller. It is simple, clean, and easy to maintain and replace. Chris Paulsen, WEPCO CEO says, “We saw people […]

Press Release: WEPCO, Inc. Announces Launch of BigFoot™ Portable Crane Base Innovation

WEPCO, Inc. announces the BigFoot™ portable crane base, designed to safely anchor cranes, vacuum lifters, robotics, and similar floor-mounted devices. BigFoot solves the material handling industry’s need for a portable base that is truly easy to move with a forklift or pallet jack. Virtually any floor-mounted device that makes human-scale lifting or repetitive motions easier […]

Employee Training Continues at WEPCO

Adam Salage, Engineer, and Tyler Bownlow, Associate Sales Engineer, completed the rigorous Hytrol Sales School in Jonesboro, Arkansas in October, 2011. They spent three intensive days in sales training, including the operation and manufacturing of many types of conveyors. WEPCO maintains a rigorous, ongoing program to train staff on best practices in systems integration engineering […]

Another WEPCO Employee Graduates Hytrol Sales School

Bill Wengrzynek, Inside Sales, completed the intensive Hytrol Sales School conducted at their facility in Jonesboro, Arkansas, on October 5-7, 2009. Bill learned detailed information about the manufacturing and operation of many types of conveyors and how to market them effectively. WEPCO maintains a rigorous, ongoing program to train staff on best practices in systems […]