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Why didn't we think of that?

Necessity is the mother of invention. WEPCO responds to material handling problems with true innovations . . . again . . . and again.

WEPCO solves your material handling problems two ways. First, we creatively use commercial off-the-shelf products (COTS). If that's not enough, we invent something new. SmartRoller, BigFoot, SmartLifter — all resulted from fresh thinking for our clients.

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WEPCO Innovation

SmartLifter grips, balances, and stacks its way
to greater productivity

  • Versatile for all configurations of cartons
  • Special version available for lifting pails
  • SmartBalance technology keeps cartons balanced with no tipping
  • Grips on only one side for superior pallet stacking
  • Adjustable handle allows even short operators to stack 8-ft-tall pallets
  • Operates seamlessly with Gorbel Easy Arm®G-Force®
  • Can be mounted on BigFoot portable base or underhung
  • Clean, virtually maintenance free
  • SmartLifter is PATENTED

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WEPCO Innovation

BigFoot™ portable base turns
portability into profitability

  • Safe anchor for cranes, vacuum lifters, robotics
  • Easily moved with pallet jack or forklift
  • Supported by 8 heavy-duty leveling jacks
  • Molded safety-yellow polymer concrete lasts forever
  • Costs less than a permanent, bolted base
  • Reconfigure your space more easily, more often!

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WEPCO Innovation

SmartRoller™ focuses RFID technology

  • A plug-and-play RFID reader in a roller
  • Simplifies mounting RFID readers in roller conveyor systems
  • No more metal roller interference with transponder signals
  • No more custom brackets and hardware
  • SmartRoller is PATENT PENDING

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