Warehouse Control Systems

It takes control to get all of your technologies singing the same tune

Your facility is a complex system of systems. Different technologies control your machines, pick your products, monitor maintenance, diagnose your systems . . . and they don’t all speak the same language. That is the job of control systems—to make sure all of your systems understand each other and work well with your WMS or EPS providers. Let WEPCO’s engineers design a system that harmoniously blends machine control, operator interface, maintenance tools, system diagnostics, and your host interface.

Our control programs provide:

  • Seamless integration with your WMS and ERP systems. Information passes easily between the host system and the controls environment so your information and accounting systems always have real-time routing and material status.
  • Human Machine Interface (HMI) technology—an intuitive, easy-to-use 3D map of your facility showing all operations of your system. Your operators can monitor and control your material handling equipment and diagnose problems before they arise.
  • Open architecture, with non-proprietary controls programs and commercially available components. If we create a piece of software for you, we provide the source code at no additional charge.
  • Remote access and diagnostics. Via the internet, you can monitor all of your systems, from inside or outside of your facility, at all of your locations. Our systems operate within your network security to be sure your information is protected.
  • Both PC and PCL-based systems. Operators enjoy user-friendly Windows-based applications, while the core is written independent of Windows.
  • Flexible and scalable design. If you grow or change layout, reconfiguration is easy because our modular design places controls at the conveyor.

Using our control systems you can:

  • Start and stop, evaluate and calibrate the entire system or any portion of it from any station
  • See operational statistics, warnings and alarms in real-time
  • Connect to vendors’ databases, online parts catalogs, documentation
  • Operate your digital camera monitors
  • View 3D renderings of your facility to pinpoint alarms and equipment status
  • Choose the speed machines should run to match demand, saving energy and machine wear
  • Capture and analyze data for pick modules, merges, induction, sorters, scanners, etc.
  • Enjoy a system that increases productivity now and grows with you in the future
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Warehouse Control Systems

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