AGVs (Automated Guided Vehicles)

When you’re going horizontal, AGVs can be your best move.

WEPCO engineers know when to use an AGV system for your materials handling applications. From a business standpoint, indicators might be a short supply of dependable, qualified labor, fluctuating material flow or demand and the prohibitive cost of new space construction. From a facility standpoint, key factors that indicate an AGV system as the best solution are:

  • consistent, stable loads
  • steady, continuous, low-to-medium throughput
  • long distances
  • electronic dispatching of loads
  • process automation
  • AS/RS interface

Forked AGVs – for handling pallets, racks, trays, rolls, and carts.

Unit Load AGVs – available for many different sizes and types of loads

Tug/Tow AGVs – designed to pull or tow loads, the most productive form of AGV

Special Application AGVs – meet common material handling challenges across different industries

Forked AGVsUnit Load AGVsTugger AGVsSpecial Application AGVs

Key Benefits of AGVs:

  • multi-tasking – they are adaptable to use in a variety of applications
  • space-efficient – they require about as much space as the material they’re carrying
  • works well with others – on-board safety equipment assures they coexist well with people, processes, and manual material handling
  • labor-reducing – requiring only periodic and remedial maintenance, they operate 24/7 without supervision, health insurance, or pensions
  • flexible – they can be configured for A-to-B transportation or a web of movement
  • reusable asset – can be moved to another location or plant
  • reduced product damage – they generally move more slowly and carefully than manually operated fork trucks
  • improved response time – AGVs remove and supply loads more precisely on demand than fork trucks
  • eliminate conveyor walls – since no fixed obstructions are required, they allow open aisle ways
  • interface well with palletizers – they bridge the out feed conveyor of a palletizer with a shipping dock or storage system

Common Applications – Many warehousing, distribution and manufacturing applications, including:

  • aerospace
  • clean room
  • mail processing
  • newsprint/roll handling
  • pet supply
  • food and beverage
  • automotive
  • pharmaceutical
  • consumer products
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AGV’s (Automated Guided Vehicles)

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