Forked Automated Guided Vehicles (AGVs)

Forked AGVs can pick up and deliver loads to many elevations and stations; interface with racking, floor locations, conveyors and load stands; provide inventory management and incorporate bar code or RFID readers.

Forked Automatic Guided Vehicles

Versatile and Easily Reconfigured

Expecting changes to your distribution center or warehouse during the life of the AGV? Forked AGVs are the versatile answer. They handle many different loads, interface with many types of plant equipment, and can easily be reconfigured to handle new tasks.

Load Movements and Types

Load movement is available with either hydraulic or electric actuators. Movements include raise, lower, reach, tilt, and fork width adjustment. Forked AGVs can also be equipped with fork tip sensors (confirm fork pocket openings) and fork tip bumpers (prevent improper pickup or damaged pallets).

Different types of forked AGVs include:

  • Outrigger or straddle fork
  • Reach fork
  • Pantograph
  • Side reach fork
  • Counterbalance
  • Compact fork
  • Forkover
  • Narrow aisle
  • Telefork
  • HyBot or Walkie AGV

These standard fork lift AGV platforms can be easily customized for special load sizes and dimensions or other special handling requirements.

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Forked AGVs

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