Special Application AGVs

Special application AGVs are optimized to address material handling challenges that can’t be adequately handled by standard AGVs. After talking with our customers to fully understand their needs, we work with our preferred AGV supplier to adapt a vehicle that will match their project goals.

Special application AGVs often operate in fleets along with standard AGVs such as forked, unit load or tug/tows.

A Sampling of Special Application AGVs

Clamp AGV, Roll Positioner AGV, Atlis AGV, Automatic Bath Retort AGV, and Self Guided Cart

  • Clamp AGV (flat or curved clamps) for stacking and moving non-palletized goods and rolls
  • Roll positioner AGV for precisely and automatically loading paper rolls into printing presses
  • Atlis AGV (also referred to as a transporter within an automated transport system or ATS) for movement of carts in healthcare facilities
  • ABR (Automatic Batch Retort) AGVs for loading materials such as canned food into ABR sterilizers
  • Self Guided Cart (SGV) for economical movement of materials within simple systems
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Special Application AGVs

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