Tug/Tow AGVs

Increase productivity by hauling more loads-per-trip with tug/tow AGVs.

Tug/Tow AGVs

Features of Tuggers

  • Designed to pull wheeled carts (typically 3 at a time)
  • Material can be unloaded automatically or manually
  • Use forked AGVs to automatically load carts
  • Don’t operate in reverse; use turnaround loops at endpoints

Hitch Information

  • Use ball or pin hitches if:
    Carts are rarely decoupled from tow vehicle
  • Use automatic hitches if:
    Delivered material requires further processing or handling
    Carts move only one way
    Full carts are delivered, empty carts are removed
    Sets of carts are coupled to allow delivery by Tuggers

Tugger AGVs are available in several different towing capacities and can be equipped with an operator station when man-aboard operation is needed.

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Tug/Tow AGVs

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