Unit Load AGVs

Sometimes called “top carriers” because the load rests over the majority of the vehicle, Unit Loads are the most traditional type of AGV.

Unit Load AGVs

How Unit Load AGVs are Used

  • Available for loads of many sizes and shapes
  • As an assembly AGV when a product is moved from manufacturing cell to cell as it is assembled
  • Typically loaded with standard pallets (wrapped and unwrapped), drums, carts, racks, rolls, custom containers
  • Interfaces with stands and conveyors
  • Loaded by manual or automatic equipment (cranes, forklift trucks, other AGVs, etc.)
  • Can include roller conveyor, chain conveyor, scissors lift, etc. to transfer load on/off
  • When interfaced with a conveyor, includes a “handshake” sensor between AGV and conveyor for smooth transfer

Drive/Steer Wheel Combinations

Unit load AGVs use complex drive/steer wheel combinations. If you need to maneuver in extremely tight space, the extra expense for dual and quad steering is often worthwhile.

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Unit Load AGVs

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