Case & Tote Handling

The right conveyor transports cases and totes where they need to be, when they need to be there

Your manufacturing or distribution processes rely on the well-organized flow of materials in totes and cases to keep things running smoothly. To choose the right conveyor for your facility, WEPCO’s experienced engineers will consider load handling characteristics, ergonomics, performance, costs and throughput.

Transportation conveyors are the main tools to get cases and totes where they need to be: Gravity conveyors | Belt conveyors | Power roller conveyors

Accumulation conveyors control the flow of case and tote unit loads before downstream handling. Allowing them to accumulate without touching protects your products from jams and damage.

Sortation systems manage the high flow of cases and totes headed to different destinations, and at different speeds.

Heavy unit load conveyors meet the engineering requirements of loads up to 2 tons.


Gravity Conveyors | Belt Conveyors | Power Roller Conveyors

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Case and Tote Handling

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