Industrial Trucks

To go where engineered systems cannot — it takes a lift truck!

Not all material can be handled automatically. When you need to move material over a variable path, WEPCO experts advise the versatility of lift trucks to handle your material most efficiently. Save labor and increase efficiency using the right manual or powered lift truck for your application.

Manual pallet trucks

Manual pallet trucks
  • light duty
  • heavy duty
  • galvanized — for freezer and chemical exposure applications
  • stainless steel — corrosion resistance for chemical, wet or cold applications

Electric pallet trucks

Electric pallet trucks
  • light duty (3,000 lb capacity)
  • intermediate duty (with up to 4,500 lb capacity)

Straddle stacker trucks

Straddle stacker trucks

— for racking operations

  • narrow aisle stacker — for heavier loads
  • manual walkie stacker — manual lifting and/or travel, straddle load support
  • powered walkie stacker — lifting and/or travel, counterbalance or straddle load support
  • powered lift stacker — for pallet handling and stacking
  • manual push stacker — ergonomic alternative to manual lifting, light-to-intermediate stacking and pallet positioning

Counterbalanced lift trucks (fork trucks)

Counterbalanced lift trucks (fork trucks)
  • sit-down truck — min. 12-13 ft. aisle width required
  • stand-up truck — NA capability, min. 9-11 ft. aisle width required
  • operate indoor/outdoor
  • work on variety of surfaces
  • variety of load capacities available

Narrow-Aisle (NA) straddle truck — min. 7-8 ft. aisle required

Narrow-Aisle (NA) reach truck — scissors mechanism for reaching, shorter outrigger arms; min. 8-10 ft. aisle required; extended reaching mechanisms available for double-deep storage

Turret truck — up to 40 ft. stacking height, forks rotate, min. 5-6 ft. aisle required

Operator-up turret truck — allows precise stacking/picking, min. 5-7 ft. aisle required

Order picker — operator lifted with load for less-than-unit load picking

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Industrial Trucks

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