Pallet Handling

If conveyors are the highways, then pallets are the buses of your facility

Pallet conveyor systems get your pallets where they are needed and keep material flowing continuously within your facility. They are often of modular design, making them more economical and simpler to install. WEPCO systems engineers can recommend from a full range of powered roller and chain conveyor systems and pallet-handling equipment.

Roller conveyor

Powered roller conveyor modules can have various widths and pitches for different pallet sizes/load weights, or can be designed for different sizes of pallets in one system. Conveyor height can be adjusted as needed (i.e. for ergonomic working height.)

Chain conveyor

A duplex chain provides high durability. Chain conveyors are available in different pitches and widths and as multiple-strand conveyors to carry different loads sizes/pallet types in the same system.

Shuttle cars

Use shuttle cars to fast-feed pallets into and out of an automated warehouse, to feed multiple order-picking stations, or for transport routes where there is crossing forklift truck traffic.

Pallet collector/dispenser

Pallet magazines automatically collect, store and feed pallets, which is often needed in order-picking areas.


Use turntables when you need an interface between lengths of conveyors that are at an angle to each other, so you can change the direction of a load.

Vertical conveyors

Use vertical conveyors to link conveyors on different levels of your facility. They can be equipped with different types of conveyors and telescopic fork units.

Profile gauges, checking and weighing systems

When entering your system, or at identification stations, you may need profile gauges and weighing stations. Steer wheels or flanged rollers accurately center pallet loads. Pallet condition checking can include skids, pallet deflection, and fork tunnels. Load size and weight are checked—for overweight or actual weight.

One level buffer storage units

If you have very high-density and high-throughput applications, single-level buffer storage can be built.


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Pallet Handling

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