Palletizing (robotic & automatic)

Pick the right technology for the perfect pallet

You know that palletizing has become complex, with so many materials, sizes and shapes to consider — plus the environmental impact and sustainability of your packaging. Choosing between automatic (“layer forming”) and robotic technology can be a complicated question. Based on your particular needs, WEPCO systems engineers will help you choose the best solution, factoring in the number of items, cases, or layers per minute, pallet pattern, and space available.

Robotic palletizers are a solution for moderate speed case and bag palletizing and depalletizing. They are also useful for difficult to handle items such as buckets, cans, drums, nested items and interlocking layers.

Low-level, layer-forming palletizers build pallets one layer at a time. They can palletize on the floor or directly onto a conveyor, and work especially well for items such as bags or irregular, non-rigid shapes that must be tightened after each layer.

High-level, layer-forming palletizers elevate the pallet to build multiple layers. They are a good choice for greater throughput (up to 4 layers/minute) and for heavier weights items.

Gantry and overhead systems are useful for more than four lines at slower speeds, and particularly heavy loads. The X-Z gantry moves on a vertical/horizontal axis. The X-Y-Z gantry moves in three planes. The X-Y-Z-W gantry adds wrist rotation.


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Palletizing (robotic & automatic)

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