Sortation Conveyors

Complicated material flow? Let the right technology help you sort it out

Your task is complex — different materials going to different destinations at different speeds. If you have a fairly high flow of cases, totes or pieces headed to different destinations, you need a sortation system. Pop-up and pivot wheel, tilt tray, cross belt, pusher, paddle, and shoe sorters are just a few of the many sortation technologies WEPCO systems engineers can use to direct traffic towards increased productivity in your facility.

Low-speed sortation technology — is called for if your sort rate is less than 30 items per minute.

Medium-speed sortation technology — is appropriate when your sort rate is between 30 and 100 items per minute.

High-speed sortation technology — is required if your sort rate is over 100 cases per minute.

High-speed piece sortation technology — works in large-scale distribution facilities when much of the volume is distributed by the piece — such as apparel and shoe distribution.


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Sortation Conveyors

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