High-Speed Piece Sortation

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If most of your overall volume is distributed by the piece, you need specialized high-speed piece sortation equipment. WEPCO systems engineers particularly recommend this technology for facilities such as catalog, apparel, and shoe distribution.

Carousel Put Systems — If you sort a large number of SKUs to a large number of locations, these systems work well. Your retail distribution facility can employ one-touch sortation directly to the shipper.

Carousel Sorter — For high-volume SKUs, manual piece sortation is done directly to a shipping container. Although this equipment is simple and inexpensive, it has impressive statistics: up to 500 locations on a single sorter, up to 4000 pieces per hour per operator. The carousel allows a flexible number of operators to man sort zones.

A-Frame Sorters — For picking small individual items, as is the case with drug and pharmaceutical distribution facilities. Items are loaded into two rows of dispensing magazines (which form the ‘A-Frame’) and automatically dispensed to a belt conveyor that passes through the tunnel formed by the A-frame.

Tilt Tray Sorters — For sorting a wide variety of loads at a very fast rate. Loads can range from parcels and envelopes to poly bags and luggage, at sorting rates over 10,000 units per hour. Care must be taken with fragile products because the sorters usually sort into chutes. Typical applications are general merchandise distribution, parcel and freight, shoe and apparel distribution, catalog and direct sales operations, etc.

Cross Belt Sorters — For sort rates over 20,000 pieces per hour. Every carrier in the system has powered conveyor belts. Useful in the same markets as tilt-tray sorters.


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High-Speed Piece Sortation

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