Low-Speed Sortation

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If your sort rate is less than 30 items per minute, you can take advantage of cost-effective low rate sortation technologies. Typical facilities include smaller case distribution operations and service parts centers.

Diverter Arms — Activated manually or by scanning technology, they are the most cost effective sortation devices available. Baseball-bat shaped arms deflect items at a 30° angle. Curved diverters send product to another conveyor at a 90° angle while maintaining its orientation.

Right Angle Transfers — The bottom of a unit-load is engaged and lifted to another conveyor at a 90° angle. Roughly 8 – 20 sorts per minute can be accomplished, by belt or chain mechanism.

Pusher Diverters — Pushers divert products at right angles at roughly 15 – 25 sorts per minute. Devices are either electrically or pneumatically activated.

Work Transporter — A good solution for work-in-progress, at rates from 2 – 15 products per minute. Boxes or totes can be diverted to work stations along the conveyor, and a return belt underneath takes product out of the work station.


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Low-Speed Sortation

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