Medium-Speed Sortation

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As your facility grows, so do your sortation requirements. When you need sort rates between 30 and 100 items per minute, take advantage of medium-speed sortation technology.

Pop-Up Wheel Sorters — If you need a moderate rate of 20-60 sorts per minute and your products are uniform in size with a flat bottom, use pop-up wheel sorters. They divert products at a 30° or 40° angle on relatively close centers, so divert lanes can be located nearby.

Multiple Belt Sorters — Capable of sort rates of up to 100 per minute, this sorter falls between the pop-up wheel and shoe sorters in rate and cost. Diverting at a 30° angle allows for higher rates, and a 90° angle allows for close spacing of divert lanes and minimal floor space use.


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Medium-Speed Sortation

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