Specialty Conveyors

From ice cubes to ingots, eggs to engines, there’s a specialty conveyor for every need.

WEPCO systems engineers can meet your specialty need with every kind of conveyor imaginable: angled, drag flight, blue steel, magnetic, gapers, slip torque, dip tank, indexing, folding, extendable, and table top. Conveyor belts can also be specially designed: metal slats, plastic slats, wooden slats, gull-wing slats, wire mesh, and cleated. Transfers and turntables also come in many styles: frame-to-frame, pop-up, chain, ball transfer tables, over/under delivery, switches, pushers, package stops, up-enders, inverters, tilters. If it doesn’t already exist, a specialty conveyor can be fabricated to meet your particular need.


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Specialty Conveyors

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