Dock Levelers & Plates

Your dock is a busy place — the right levelers keep it safe and efficient

WEPCO experts can help you choose the right levelers and plates to help you keep pace with your production — safely. It is important to carefully match your individual requirements (based on loading conditions, vehicles, and freight) to the correct size, shape and mounting style of levelers available.

Dock Leveler


Manually, hydraulically, or electrically operated, dock levelers compensate for height differences between a truck bed and the dock.

  • edge-of-dock levelers — mount on the outside face of the loading dock, economical, easiest to install, limited size/weight capacity
  • pit-style levelers — offer more options, ranges and capacities, suit more demanding cross-docking applications
  • vertical-storing levelers — better at climate control; for most food/other applications where temperature control is crucial
  • dock roll-off barriers — reduce risk of equipment damage and personal injury


— moveable metal ramps that bridge the gap between truck/trailer beds and your loading dock. They are meant to bear the weight of hand trucks and pallet jacks only, not power equipment such as forklifts.

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Dock Levelers & Plates

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