Overhead Doors

Your dock door – yet another opportunity for efficiency

WEPCO experts understand that your dock door is a hard-working piece of equipment that does more than just fill a hole in a wall. It must perform flawlessly in all weather and work conditions. There are many types of doors, and choosing the right one entails consideration of function, durability, efficiency, and performance.


Sectional Steel Doors

— available as insulated or non-insulated

  • insulated doors recommended when maintaining different temperatures on each side of door is important
  • motor, chain or hand-crank designs
  • aluminum door option for applications where visual access and light transmission are necessary
  • breakaway door systems with puncture-proof interior


Rolling Steel Doors
  • ideal when headroom or sideroom are at a premium
  • wide variety of slat profiles, curtain materials and colors
  • rolling service doors — interlocking steel, stainless or aluminum curtains, available in a variety of gauges
  • rolling counter doors — metal curtain, wood curtain, integral frame
    and sill
  • rolling sheet doors


Fabric Traffic Doors

  • high-cycle, low-maintenance door
  • saves energy
  • controls noise
  • isolates dust and dirt
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Overhead Doors

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