Shelters & Seals

Protect your workers and product from the elements with the right seals and shelters

WEPCO experts know you can’t just conduct business on sunny days. They will help you choose the perfect shelter or seal to provide protection and safety regardless of the weather.

Dock Shelters


Shelters reduce oversized doors to match truck openings. They are made of long-wearing fabric to resist abrasion and tearing.

  • ground-level rigid shelters — are designed to seal a trailer at a ground-level opening — also forms a ground-level canopy for loading/unloading
  • standard rigid shelters — service a variety of truck sizes/types, regardless of dock door size
  • flexible shelters — provide an economical energy-saving seal for
    a wide range of truck bodies
  • collapsible shelters — have a spring-loaded tubular steel frame to withstand off-centered trailers without suffering permanent damage
  • rail shelters — provide a weather-protected enclosure between rail car and dock door
  • rain dams — stop rain from rolling down the trailer roof and infiltrating the dock area
  • soft-sided shelters — are useful where lift gates and other specialty trailer designs are in use — foam sides handle impact of off-center trailers
  • air shelters — can be inflated in seconds after truck docks
  • air rail shelters — (3- or 4-sided) seal a rail car where mechanical rail shelters cannot, such as oversized door openings or other need for extra projection

Dock Seals


Seals must be carefully constructed to ensure the most effective seal possible at the loading dock door. Properly done, a tight seal protects your product from the elements, reduces heating/cooling costs, and improves loading safety and security. The cover of your dock seal is the most important component in determining the seal’s useful life.

  • available in various sizes and widths to allow varied truck height coverage
  • industrial fabrics are abrasion and tear resistant, tested for weathering and flexibility
  • available with/without pleats
  • taped dock seal projections are available for sloped drives —
    to eliminate excessive wear at top/bottom of seal
  • chain-weighted drop flaps available to serve lower trucks
  • inflatable air seals are available with/without a drop flap to service varying truck heights
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Shelters & Seals

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