Truck Restraints

Proper restraints make sure your trucks stay where you left them

Truck and trailer accidents at your loading dock can happen for many reasons. Miscommunication can cause trucks to depart prematurely. Forklift movement can cause trailer creep. Inertia of a forklift in the front of an unsupported trailer can cause the trailer’s landing gear to collapse or the trailer to up-end.

Chocks can prevent accidents, but are often not secure enough. They can slip under certain conditions, and people must walk between trailers to place and remove them. It is also difficult to enforce their use.

Let WEPCO help you avoid these disasters by choosing the right truck restraints for your application.


Vehicle Restraints

  • Restraints that engage the rear-impact guard on trucks add functionality and security to your loading dock operations. Mechanically or hydraulically operated, they keep vehicles safely at the dock much better than chocking. Can work with damaged/bent ICC bars, integrate with remotely-controlled driver-lights communications systems.
  • Restraints that engage the rear wheels of the trailer work with trailers that don’t have ICC bar systems (low-boy trailers, trailers with lift gates). More expensive than ICC bar restraints, more susceptible to corrosion from debris, salt, ice.
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Truck Restraints

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