Electric Hoists & Balancers

Not your grandfather’s hoists — these lifting devices have intelligence all their own

WEPCO offers many types of hoists for vertical translation. Operated manually, electrically or pneumatically, they can be attached to cranes and monorails to lift, lower and position your loads safely and efficiently. Recent developments in technology have increased mechanical reliability and brought incredible improvements in ergonomic handling. In many cases, heavy loads can be positioned with only fingertip pressure.

Balancers allow your operator to guide a “weightless” load, providing for precision positioning.

MANUAL CHAIN HOISTS — lever hoists, hand chain hoists, navy trolley hoists

ELECTRIC CHAIN HOISTS — single-phase hoists, three-phase hoists

AIR CHAIN HOISTS — large capacity hoists, air powered hoists

ELECTRIC WIRE ROPE HOISTS — low-headroom hoists, three-phase wire rope hoists

ERGONOMIC CHAIN HOISTS — one-phase hoists, three-phase hoists, air hoist manipulator control


— tracks with natural human movement

  • intuitive servo-controlled lift w/float mode allows precision; both hands available to orient loads with slight force
  • ideal for heavy lifting applications with cycles that include both high speed and slow, precise movements
  • precise through full range of speed — for finessing expensive
    or fragile parts
  • teachable virtual limits
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Electric Hoists & Balancers

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