Lift Tables & Positioners

Work smart — not hard — with these labor saving devices

WEPCO offers a variety of lift tables and positioners to allow workers to properly lift, tilt or turn a load. When manually palletizing, pallet load levelers reduce turning, bending and stooping by lowering the table as each layer is completed – keeping loading at the ergonomically optimal height of 30 inches.


Lift Tables— allow material to be raised/lowered to ergonomically optimum heights
  • single-scissor tables
  • double-scissor tables
  • self-leveling tables
  • low-profile tables
  • lift & tilt tables
  • mobile scissor lift tables with/without power lift operation
  • electric hydraulic, air-hydraulic or manual operation


Work Positioners
  • ground-level tables
  • portable lift tables
  • self-leveling tables
  • turn tables
  • pallet positioners with integral turntable
  • skid lifts
  • tilt tables
  • airbag lift table
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Lift Tables & Positioners

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