Workstation Cranes

The right crane can make a world of difference in a work cell — and pay for itself with increased productivity

WEPCO engineers often recommend ergonomic work station cranes to provide a safer work environment while improving productivity and increasing quality. These cranes require much less effort to move than I-beam cranes and can often justify their cost with productivity increases alone. Easily-loaded and positioned goods receive less product damage. And because physical strength is less of an issue, better use is made of your entire workforce.


  • bridge cranes cover rectangular areas; jib cranes cover circular areas
  • bridge cranes can be free standing or ceiling mounted
  • enclosed track bridge cranes provide consistent ease of operation over full range of movement
  • jib cranes can be wall or pillar mounted; they may require a special foundation
  • jib cranes move easily at the very end of the boom and are harder to move as load approaches the pivot point
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Workstation Cranes

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