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Versatile and economical — for excellent handling and positioning at individual workstations

Workstation jib cranes are designed to service circular areas and are the ideal substitute for traditional, heavy I-beam jib cranes. They support vacuum lifters and hoists, air balancers, tool balancers, and welding wire feeders. Rotation is up to 200° when column or wall mounted, up to 360° when floor mounted. Spans up to 16 feet are available.

When outfitted with portable bases, jibs can be moved via fork truck to anywhere in your facility.


— ideal for heavier loads from 1–5 tons. Motorized or manual rotation available.

Free Standing I-Beam Jib CranesFree standing — used beneath traveling cranes, outdoor areas, machining and assembly operations, open areas where they can serve several work areas. Floor-mounted or insert.

Wall Bracket I-Beam Jib CranesWall bracket — for economical hoist coverage in bays, along walls or columns, supplement to overhead crane or monorail system. Needs clearance above the boom to accommodate tie rod suspension.

Wall Cantilever I-Beam Jib CranesWall cantilever — instead of wall bracket when headroom is short

Mast-type I-Beam Jib CranesMast-type — dramatically reduce forces to supporting structures. Typically do not require special foundations. Full- and drop-cantilever styles. Floor-supported, top-stabilized cranes allow 360° rotation w/top and bottom bearing assembly


— can swing under obstructions, move loads around corners and reach into machines or doorways.

  • good for applications requiring jib rotating in close to its pivot point
  • capacities from 150 – 2000 lbs
  • free standing, ceiling, wall mounted versions available

Free standing articulatingFree standing articulating

Celing mounted articulatingCeiling mounted articulating

Wall mounted articulatingWall mounted articulating


Articulating Jib Cranes
  • float mode allows precision; both hands available to orient loads with slight force
  • available as free-standing or under-hung
  • capacities of 165 and 330 lbs.
  • air and electric swivel assembly prevents tangled cables
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Jib Cranes

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