Monorail and Bridge Cranes

Monorail and Bridge Cranes | Jib Cranes

Move your load 3X more easily than with a traditional I-beam crane


Freestanding Bridge Cranes
  • require no existing support structure
  • completely free standing – require no sway bracing
  • easy to move and position loads
  • can be installed on any standard 6” concrete floor
  • modular designs can be expanded with work centers
  • capacities from 150 to 4000 lbs
  • install multiple bridges on one runway system to increase productivity and flexibility


Ceiling Mounted Bridge Cranes
  • no support structures – work areas kept free of obstruction
  • needs adequate overhead structure to support the load of the crane
  • many track profiles and spanning capabilities
  • install multiple bridges on one runway system to increase flexibility and productivity


  • for demanding, rapid, repetitive handling applications
  • ideal for facilities with structural limitations, challenging environments

MONORAIL CRANE SYSTEMS — for true linear movement

Multiple ceiling-mounted monorails can be installed along a bridge crane system to increase its flexibility and productivity. Monorail crane systems keep floors clear when a work area must be free from any support structures. Extra tracks, curves and switches can be integrated into the crane system. Interlocks transfer materials from the working area of the bridge crane to storage monorails and back.

Applications for Workstation Bridge Cranes:

  • lighter loads (less than 4000 lbs)
  • parts assembly
  • machining
  • palletizing loads
  • injection molding
  • warehouse loading docks
  • process equipment maintenance
  • truck service centers


  • offset load platform
  • interlock transfers
  • telescoping bridge
  • maintenance gates
  • tractor drives
  • cantilevered supports
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Monorail and Bridge Cranes

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