In-Plant Structures

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Some of your space not pulling its weight? Go modular

WEPCO recommends pre-engineered, pre-fabricated in-plant structures because they cost less and do more. They provide adaptability, cost-effectiveness, high performance, easy maintenance, consistent quality, and savings. Quicker return on investment underscores the value of modular turnkey systems for in-plant structures, controlled environment enclosures, and cleanrooms.

  • Design it faster
  • Build it cheaper
  • Install it sooner
  • Construct it easier
  • ROI is quicker

Clean and modular. And smart.

Think modular for cleanrooms, too. PortaFab cleanrooms are scalable because they are modular. You can expand, update, or even move them to another facility. You get unlimited design freedom with all the benefits of modular construction and 3 special wall systems to meet all ISO cleanroom classifications.

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In-Plant Structures

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