Crowded? Need floor space? Look up!

WEPCO engineers use mezzanines, work platforms, and catwalks to dramatically expand usable area within your facility. Available in both standard and custom designs, they enable you to make the most of your building cube.


Advantages of Mezzanines:

  • save ground floor for most valuable uses by doubling or
    tripling floor space
  • increase floor space while saving up to 80% off the cost of
    a building addition
  • can stand alone or be an integral part of a complete material
    handling system
  • available for heavy-duty applications
  • easy to maintain

Uses of Mezzanines:

  • warehouse storage areas for parts, records, or overstock
  • in-plant offices and viewing areas
  • conveyor support platforms
  • locker rooms
  • tool crib
  • clean room
  • security enclosures
  • recycling

Catwalks — permit access over other machines and structures within the entire cube of the building, and share many advantages of mezzanines.

Pedestrian Crossover Bridges — add space, enhance safety when crossing machinery or conveyor equipment.

Also available: Landings, stairs, gates, decking, railing, etc.

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Mezzanines & Work Platforms

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