Modular Offices

Quick, versatile, clean, economical, quiet — Modular is sound business

When you need more office space or to protect your equipment from the factory environment, WEPCO recommends modular office buildings. Move them, interchange them, add a second story, make one large one into two smaller ones — whatever your need, we can design a configuration for you.

Benefits of modular offices:

  • on-site offices save time, increase employee comfort and safety
  • interchangeable, reusable components make changes and moves simple
  • unlimited custom paint colors to match your facility exactly
  • prefabricated construction is quicker and cleaner than traditional construction
  • thermal insulated panels keep electronics cool, clean, and dry
  • non-progressive design allows individual panels to be removed without disturbing adjacent panels
  • quick, easy installation minimizes interruptions and downtime
  • tax advantages — modulars qualify for quicker depreciation than traditional construction

Common applications:

  • office
  • reception area
  • lunch/break room
  • conference room
  • computer station

Also available: sound reduction panels; tempered safety glass; versatile leasing options; complete prewiring — including wiring, components, circuit breakers, heating/cooling outlets

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Modular Offices

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