Wire Partitions

Transform thin air into efficient, highly secure space

When safeguarding your inventory and equipment is essential, wire partitions are a reliable and economical solution. WEPCO’s experts use wire mesh partitions to engineer strong, versatile, and efficient storage space.

Benefits of wire mesh partitions:

  • highly secure, allowing 24/7 protection
  • allow air circulation and light penetration
  • wear-resistant, requiring no maintenance
  • adapt easily to changing needs
  • all safeguarded property is in constant view
  • more economical than drywall or wood construction

Common applications:

Wire mesh partitions are versatile, allowing for endless configurations and multiple uses.

  • warehouses and construction sites
  • enclosed, three-sided, or corner configurations
  • build alongside existing structures
  • safety barriers
  • storage lockers
  • guarding automated installations
  • condo lockers

Available configuration options:

Sliding door — allows easy access in constricted areas
Swing doors — can open inwards or outwards, from left or right
Service wicket — acts as a service counter, restricts access, does not open
Dutch door — top portion acts as service counter while preventing free access to the partition
Roof panels — made of same material as partitions; designed for security purposes only unless ordered for a specific load

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Wire Partitions

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