Automated storage and fulfillment solutions deliver the productive and competitive edge you need

Time was, just providing quality products and services was enough to be competitive. But customers’ expectations have increased. Now, you must also know how to manage your assets and reduce costs to survive. One of the best places to look for cost efficiency is in the way you manage and move materials. Let WEPCO systems engineers show you how investing in automation can increase your competitive edge.

How automated systems can increase productivity:

  • Stage parts, tools, components, incoming or outgoing products until they’re needed
  • Sequence parts and components for JIT delivery
  • Pick pallets, cartons and totes to fill orders
  • Manage complex order assembly and fulfillment both accurately and efficiently

Benefits of automated storage:

  • Save space – provide dense storage and use the full height of your facility to save 75% or more floor space. Then use that extra space for processes that generate revenue.
  • Increase throughput – deliver loads directly to your operators and eliminate travel time
  • Reduce labor costs – spend your manpower on more profitable services than material handling
  • Extremely high uptime – AS/RS is reliable technology
  • Secure and control your inventory – track it from entry to exit
  • Improved quality – since the system tracks inventory, there are fewer operator decisions and higher consistency
  • Good ergonomics – parts come to operators at their most comfortable height, often reducing worker’s compensation claims
  • Operate 24/7 – ideal for multi-shift facilities
  • Substitute for labor in geographical areas where labor is not plentiful
  • Work well in harsh environments (such as freezers) that are hard on laborers
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Automated storage and fulfillment solutions

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