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A picture is worth a thousand words — vivid images lead to reduced search time and increased accuracy

Instead of just an arrow and a number, Pick-to-display (PTD) can add text, audio and a digital image. A bright color OLED (organic light-emitting diode) display screen gives a clear picture of the item being picked. Text and audio can be recorded in any language, a useful feature if you have non-English speaking workers or global operations. Let WEPCO systems engineers show you how this technology can increase picking rates and give you 99.5% accuracy.

Benefits of pick-to-display:

  • Increased picking rates and accuracy
  • Product images, text, diagrams and barcodes displayed
  • Works with PDAs, voice-directed picking, and handheld RF scanners
  • Voice commands in any language
  • Alarm and alert capability
  • Custom warnings for hazardous or critical materials
  • Packing info, special instructions, shipping requirements, etc. can be put on screen
  • Real-time feedback of inventory and order status to your WMS or ERP
  • Better staff management with productivity reports (software included in PTD solution)
  • Plug and play configuration
  • Reliable, industrial-tough manufacture; can withstand cooler/freezer environments

Applications of pick-to-display:

  • Kit building
  • High-velocity carton flow
  • Batch putting into totes or cartons
  • Returns
  • Full-case picking from pallets
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