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Let your workers see the light — for paperless, hands-free picking

It’s a simple concept—small lights mounted on a rail tell your operator what and how many to pick. Push the button when the picking is done, and your systems are updated to track inventory and worker productivity. You will be amazed at the increase in productivity—4 to 5 times greater than paper-based systems. Let WEPCO systems engineers configure this technology to your unique needs.

Types of lighted modules:

  • Bay Controller — defines pick-zone boundaries, shows pick activity, order number, custom order functions, diagnostics and tests
  • Digital Display — for fast-moving items; beacon flashes and digital display shows quantity to pick
  • Beacons — for slower-moving items; beacon flashes to locate item within the bay, bay controller displays quantity to pick
  • Area Controller — for slowest-moving items; shows the quantity, order number and location

Benefits of pick-to-light:

  • Dramatic increase in picking rates and accuracy
  • Easy to install—snap-in cableless duct, on any type of shelving or racking
  • Easy to learn
  • Easy to read
  • Easy to configure, for batch picking or single-order picks
  • Updates to WMS in real time after each transaction
  • Works with hand-held RF units
  • Can be used in same system with Pick-to-Display
  • Reliable, industrial-tough manufacture; can withstand cooler/freezer environments
  • Reconfigurable when repositioning or resizing locations
  • Available in a variety of configurations – standard, no-digit, three-digit, five-digit, ten letter alphanumeric display, etc.
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