Horizontal Carousels

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Get your order out the door fast with horizontal carousels

WEPCO engineers integrate horizontal carousels into applications that require high speed order picking, parts delivery and sortation. Flexible and reliable, these carousels automatically position heavy-duty bins to operators. The result is saved space, reduced labor cost, faster throughput, improved order accuracy and inventory.

Benefits of Horizontal Carousels:

  • single frame size allows multiple bin sizes and faster deliveries
  • can be double or triple stacked with no frame modifications
  • structural mezzanines, multiple conveyor lines can be supported on top of carousel frames
  • maintenance – all components accessible from outside
  • emergency stop controls can be located anywhere on system

WEPCO Inc. provided the carousel systems that are featured in this video for Kane is Able.


Light displays and workstations— configurable with horizontal carousels

  • horizontal light display module
  • vertical display module
  • input and sortation display module
  • ergonomic modular workstation
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Horizontal Carousels

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