VLMs & Vertical Carousels

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Use vertical storage to make the most of your space

WEPCO engineers know when to utilize vertical storage systems to make the most of your space. Productivity and efficiency are also increased because inventory is automatically brought to the operator, eliminating walk and search time.


Vertical Lift ModulesA Vertical Lift Module (VLM) is an automated storage and retrieval unit consisting of an enclosed system of trays, an extraction platform, and controls. Upon entry, items are automatically scanned to determine most efficient placement in inventory.


  • especially efficient where ceiling height is more than 20 ft.
  • small items, tools, dies and fixtures
  • sheet metal, bar stock

Benefits of VLMs:

  • efficient use of floor space; increased storage density
  • increase in throughput, productivity and efficiency
  • improved inventory management
  • reduction in inventory losses
  • reduction in labor costs
  • increased safety based on ergonomic design

Available Options — dual-access windows, light pointer, custom tray inserts, external automatic tray inserter/extractor table


Vertical CarouselsVertical carousels provide increased productivity, efficiency, and space savings over static storage.


  • small parts, tool storage
  • blueprints storage
  • WIP goods storage
  • transport between floors
  • cleanroom storage

Benefits of Vertical Carousels:

  • increase in picking productivity up to 2.5X because of reduced walking/searching time
  • 75% floor space recovery vs. static storage in typical applications
  • increased efficiency because materials are delivered to operator, minimizing walking, climbing, bending, reaching for heavy objects
  • point-of-use design keeps parts closer to operation
  • all vertical space is used
  • aisles cleared of clutter
  • available for mezzanine configuration, multiple floor application, underground space utilization, full height of building
  • special adaptation for cleanroom available
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VLMs & Vertical Carousels

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