Custom Workstations

WEPCO engineers have the vision and problem-solving ability to customize workstations to solve your unique or specialized shipping needs.

Some situations that call for specialized workstations:

  • international shipments
  • hazardous materials
  • ORM-D
  • extreme operating conditions

As a good example of a specialized workstation, take our case of the Wyeth Pharmaceuticals FluMist cold-chain distribution facility.

WEPCO’s handling of the packing/shipping operation was mission critical because the refrigerated vaccine had to be cold-packed within seconds to remain viable. Wyeth required that the entire packing/shipping operation perform perfectly, repeatedly and reliably – with absolutely no room for failure. WEPCO successfully engineered a fail-safe system. [Wyeth Pharmaceuticals FluMist project.]

With this amount of know-how and precision, isn’t it to your advantage to let WEPCO engineers design a custom workstation for your operation?

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Custom Workstations

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