Manifesting & Shipping Software

Don’t let the last 100 feet of your facility undermine your profitability

You know that efficiency in this area can be very difficult. WEPCO systems integration experts know it can also be an excellent place to make improvements and increase profitability. In-motion packaging and manifesting can help you increase accuracy and customer service. And packaging integration software brings it all together into one system.

IN-MOTION PACKAGING — integrated automated packaging systems that use various protective packing materials (air-bubble, lined cardboard, polymer films).

IN-MOTION MANIFESTING — automates weighing, rate shopping, routing, labeling, manifesting and shipping sortation.

PACKAGING INTEGRATION SOFTWARE — monitors, coordinates, and controls all of your packaging and material handling equipment and subsystems—from any supplier. Functions including packaging, taping, weighing, labeling, manifesting and shipping sortation.

All of these functions can be controlled from a single point:

  • packaging
  • literature insertion
  • barcode printing
  • dunnage
  • automated wrapping
  • taping
  • labeling
  • weighing
  • dimensioning
  • shipping dock sortation
  • manifesting
  • covert technology

The equipment controlled includes:

  • sorters, scanners, and cameras
  • RFID readers
  • scales
  • print applicators
  • baggers
  • carton erectors
  • document inserters and collators
  • conformable packaging machines
  • void fill machines
  • shrink tunnels
  • palletizers
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Manifesting & Shipping Software

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