Static Pallet Racking

Static Pallet Racking | Engineered Pallet Racking


Selective RackSelective rack is the most universal, simplest, and most economical type of pallet racking. It allows direct and individual access to each pallet, and is ideal for quick turnover. If your warehouse stores palletized products with a wide range of SKU’s, selective racking is your solution. Additionally, structural selective racking can be used in the construction of rack-supported warehouses, which do not require the existence of a building prior to construction.

Typical examples:

  • ‘big-box’ distribution facilities
  • retail store inventory rooms
  • cold storage applications
  • wholesale stores


  • efficient use of space
  • easy to control stock
  • immediate access to every load or pallet minimizes load/unload time
  • accessibility to individual SKU’s
  • versatile – many sizes, gauges and accessories are available
  • adaptable and adjustable to any volume, weight or size of merchandise
  • available in roll formed (clip-in) or structural (bolt-together)

Options — wire decking, waterfall decking, lay-in decking, footplates, shims, row spacers, wall ties, column protectors, guard rails


Double Deep RackingDouble deep is a way of configuring selective racking to gain floor space when a great number of pallets must be stored. One row of rack is placed behind another and a deep-reach forklift is used. It is ideal for LIFO inventory.


  • up to 30% floor space saving over single selective racking
  • up to 40% increase in storage capacity of single selective racking


Cantilever RackingCantilever racking is especially safe, efficient, easily accessible, and useful for storing long, bulky material. Some examples: coils, channels, rounds, lumber, furniture, carpet, vinyl flooring, metal and plastic sheets. As an option to standard racking, cantilevered end frames can save on damage to racking and equipment.


  • tapered design sends optimum strength to bases of columns
  • ease of access to product without pallets, skids, or fork-entry devices
  • uprights don’t interfere with loading
  • strong and rugged for multilevel storage to any desired height

NA (narrow-aisle) and VNA (very narrow aisle) RACKING

NA (narrow-aisle) and VNA (very narrow aisle) RACKINGNA and VNA racking is selective pallet racking in a tighter configuration. It can typically reduce aisles by 25% or more, which at minimum doubles storage capacity. Access is typically gained by wire-guided or rail-guided reach-truck systems.

Some ideal uses:

  • where space is very expensive, as in temperature-controlled environments
  • where there are insufficient pick slots at ground level—elevated order-picking can be done on both sides of aisle
  • for slow, medium movers
  • when maximum flexibility is called for—slots can be filled as soon as they are emptied (for randomly assigned slots)


  • all pallets are accessible to lift trucks
  • maximum refilling flexibility
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