Shelving, Cabinets, & Lockers

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A place for everything and everything in its place increases efficiency and improves the work atmosphere of your entire company. Disorganization is directly linked to unscheduled downtime, inaccurate inventories, inefficient use of space and overcrowding. Adequate shelving, cabinets and lockers will all help keep your facility running smoothly.


There are as many types of shelving, both open and closed, as there are items to store. Here are a few examples:

Boltless Metal ShelvingBoltless metal shelving, single- and double-rivet, is useful for storing small and medium-sized loads with manual access.

Common applications:

  • archive/record storage
  • warehouse
  • storeroom
  • retail sales floor


  • easily adjustable boltless assembly
  • stable, solid metal structure
  • versatile

Wide span and bulk storage shelvingWide span and bulk storage shelving is especially suitable for manual storage of large, bulky or heavy items.

Common applications:

  • different article types in small/varying quantities
  • articles with a split turnover


  • adjustable load levels
  • ease of assembly


  • accessories adapt to various products being stored, e.g. hanger beams for hanging garments or draperies
  • particleboard, plywood and wire decking are available
  • take advantage of warehouse height by installing gangways with access to higher levels


Cabinets and WorkstationsCabinets and workstations, when properly planned and utilized, can improve efficiency and ergonomics. Stationary configurations increase organization and productivity of any warehouse or factory area. Mobile modular drawer storage cabinets, containing tools and parts, can be rolled directly to where they’re needed for repair or maintenance, reducing downtime.

Drawer storage cabinets give the maximum use of cubic space for the highest density storage, good weight-bearing capacity, and are available in many varieties of drawer height configurations. By combining drawers with shelves, endless configurations are available to store everything from large machine parts to tiny assembly pieces.

Specialty solutions are also available, including:

  • computer cabinets with fan and filter, window, surge protector
  • file drawer cabinets
  • overhead cabinets for supplies, binders, manuals
  • sink cabinets
  • roll-out trays
  • mobile cabinets
  • issue and parts counters
  • lockable control stations
  • tool cribs
  • flammable materials storage cabinets
  • hazardous materials storage cabinets

Workstation configurations:

  • ruggedly built industrial workbenches
  • technical electric workstations
  • adjustable height workstations
  • mobile workbenches
  • stands and trolleys
  • flow racks for picking, kitting or assembly
  • packing and shipping benches
  • specialty tool storage


LockersStorage lockers are available for every application, in a wide variety of configurations.

Steel lockers come in a range of sizes, typically as employee lockers and with more specialized applications.

  • single- and double-tier lockers for full hanging of clothing
  • 3, 4, 5, 6-tier “box lockers” are compact, lockable
  • 2 person lockers save space
  • 7 & 8 person lockers are ideal for multiple users
  • dual lockers keep work and street clothes apart
  • box-over lockers provide lockable storage above the main locker
  • handicap lockers
  • ventilated lockers with see-through perforations allow air flow
  • turnout lockers
  • hanging and folded garment distribution lockers, laundry lockups
  • towel and linen control centers

Plastic lockers are useful in wet or highly humid conditions.

Accessories — benches, pedestals and locks

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Shelving, Cabinets, & Lockers

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