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The new way to grip, lift
and stack cartons or pails

Automated vacuum carton picker grips, balances, and stacks cartons with fingertip pressure.

SmartLlifter automated vacuum carton picker

How SmartLifter Works

SmartLifter gripping carton SmartLifter
— SmartLifter's automated vacuum grips cartons on one side, allowing for fingertip-pressure lifting and loading up to 9 ft. high pallets.
— SmartLifter works seamlessly as an 'end of arm tool' in conjunction with Gorbel's Easy Arm® G-Force®.
— Exclusive SmartBalance technology adjusts automatically to steady an unbalanced load.
— Pallets can be packed snugly since cartons are gripped on only one side. Product loss due to carton-top seal failure is eliminated.
— Mounted on WEPCO's BigFoot portable base, SmartLifter is easily moved with a pallet jack or fork truck — mounted on monorail, underhung version serves multiple production lines.
SmartLifter mounted on Gorbel Easy Arm G-Force and BigFoot portable base SmartLifter underhung from monorail
Special version now available for lifting pails

Special version now available for lifting pails

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Solve endless productivity problems

  • Reduce worker strain, increase productivity
  • Grip cartons that can't be lifted from the top
  • Stack pallets more snugly
  • Reconfigure production lines easily
  • Handle all carton shapes
  • Clean, virtually maintenance-free design

Perfect for building pallets at the end of a line

Field Tested

Workers appreciate SmartLifter's ergonomic, fingertip-pressure handle and the freedom of position, visibility and control it gives them. Even short operators can easily pack a 9-foot high pallet.

For over forty years, new ideas like SmartLifter have been WEPCO's trademark strength. Expertise includes conveyor systems, overhead cranes and hoists, ergonomic lifts, automated storage and retrieval systems, and robotics.

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