SmartRoller™ Focuses RFID Technology
  • SmartRoller: a plug-and-play RFID reader in a roller
  • Simplifies mounting RFID readers in roller conveyor systems
  • No more metal roller interference
    with transponder signals
  • No more custom brackets and hardware
SmartRoller™ • Embedded RFID Reader

The Challenge

Until now, mounting RFID readers in roller conveyor systems was complicated. Metal rollers interfered with transponder signals, affecting production and distribution operations. Mounting antennas within the conveyor bed required custom brackets and hardware. The industry needed an RFID reader in a roller that was plug-and-play: simple, clean, easy to maintain and replace.

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The Solution

In a joint project with RFID Inc., WEPCO developed the SmartRoller – an integrated antenna and RFID reader mounted to the core inside a roller tube. Roller bearing end caps and spring-loaded hex shaft mounting pegs allow the SmartRoller to be easily inserted in place of an existing roller. The antenna and controller constantly communicate with at least one transponder moving along the interrogation path. The patent pending design eliminates shortcomings in RFID operations.

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With the SmartRoller, you simply pop out one roller and pop in the reader. It's a seamless integration.

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